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How Humidity Affects Air Conditioning

High humidity can cause many issues with your air conditioning system both in your home and outdoors. HVAC experts recommend having your humidity level set between 30-60% depending on the outdoor temperature for optimal comfort. Learn more about the HVAC issues that arise due to high humidity and what you can do to both reduce the strain on your air conditioning system and also help keep your energy bills low. 

Signs of High Humidity Levels in Your Home

Your air conditioning system removes the hot air from your home and adds fresh, cool air. It’s other main goal is to reduce the humidity level to run at its most efficient state to keep you comfortable. Specifically, your HVAC systems coil works to reduce the humidity levels in your home by condensing water vapor into a liquid and then draining the excess liquid. If your unit is sized and installed properly, this process delivers effective dehumidification in most weather conditions. When the humidity levels rise drastically, your system has a much harder time keeping up. High humidity counterbalances the air conditioning’s cooling effects. Even though your AC is running, when the humidity is very high your home will feel warmer than it truly is. Thus, making you run your air conditioner longer and harder and still not receiving the desired results. Here are some signs that the humidity levels in your home are too high:

  • The air feels moist
  • There is a musty or damp smell
  • Your windows are foggy

Sources of High Humidity Levels

  • Leaving the Fan On: Even though the fan continues to run when your AC is off and it feels like it’s providing you with some cooling benefit,  it’s actually making humidity conditions worse. In reality the fan is blowing the moisture your air conditioner has removed back into your home before it has the opportunity to drain away. 
  • Single Speed Air Conditioner: An air conditioner that can only run at one speed can have just as many issues as an air conditioner that is too large for your space when it comes to humidity control. A single speed air conditioner turns on full blast until it reaches the set temperature. Then the HVAC unit turns off until your home’s temperature goes above the scheduled temperature. This results in the system not being able to run consistently enough to remove the humidity to the appropriate level.
  • Oversized AC System: An oversized AC unit lacks the ability to adequately control both humidity and temperature. This is due to the powerful compressor turning on and off too frequently, resulting in the system not being able to run long enough to remove moisture from the air. 
  • Negative Air Pressure: Negative air pressure is the result of too much air being vented from your ducts. This issue is caused by a poorly designed HVAC system. When you have negative air pressure, the air attempts to balance itself by bringing in more outside air than is necessary. When the relative humidity outside gets higher than usual all of the muggy air is being drawn into your home. The only way to correctly fix this issue is by changing your ventilation system design. 
  • Old AC Unit: The older your unit gets, the more you will realize that it doesn’t run as well as it used to, especially when it hasn’t been maintained over the years. Not only will your unit be able to produce consistent temperatures, but you’ll also notice that the humidity conditions in your home will worsen. At this point, you will most likely be given a repair or replace decision.  

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If you find that you are having the humidity issues above, it might be time for us to take a look at your HVAC unit. It might be time for an adjustment or replacement to your system. We are your go-to HVAC company in the Sioux City area. We service residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC systems. If you are sick of being uncomfortable in your home, we also have a Comfort and Convenience maintenance plan that ensures total comfort all year long. Learn more about our maintenance plan here.