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Join Our 100% Employee-Owned Company

At CW Suter Services, you will be able to apply your talent and knowledge in an environment that values teamwork, integrity and diversity. CW Suter is your local, family-oriented HVAC and Plumbing company. We’re a 100% employee-owned business through our Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP). Through this, our employees have a stake in the work they do and are rewarded through the company’s success.

We’re always looking for great people to join our team – from apprentices to experienced journeyman make Suter your lifelong career to grow.

Reasons to Work at CW Suter

Health Insurance for the Entire Family
Our Employees are the Best Paid in the Area
Management That Values Healthy Work-Life Balance
Employee Health and Wellness Program
Relocation Assistance
Mentoring Program
Year-Round Employment
Flexible Work Schedule
Advancement Opportunities & Career Growth Plan
Tuition Reimbursement
Factory Training
In House Training
On Job Training
Suter U Apprenticeship Schooling
Quaility Fleet
Tool Program
Dedicated Service Support Team
Job Diversity
Stocked Vehicle Inventory
Computerized Dispatch Technology
PTO and Holiday
Life Insurance
Vision and Dental Insurance
Short Term Disability, Flex Spending Plan
401-K Retirement & 4 % Match
100% Employee Owned - Additional Retirement Plan Funded by Suter

Apprenticeships at CW Suter Services

We created our own apprenticeship program called CW Suter University. By starting your career with CW Suter Services, you’ll have a solid foundation of HVAC or plumbing expertise for a successful career. Our apprentices are motivated to achieve a higher standard of safety, time management, and overall HVAC or plumbing knowledge on top of the standards found in other programs. This is a 4 year program where you are learning and building a solid foundation of skills and assets while working on the job.

Why Choose a Trade?

While high schools typically push students to go to college, more people are starting to realize what we’ve always known – the value of going to a trade school. Trade jobs are in high demand, and they are what keeps our communities running, from plumbers, HVAC pros, electricians, and more. There are numerous benefits to choosing a trade, including graduation sooner and earning as you learn with on-the-job training. Become one of the skilled professionals that fill and important role in building your local community.


5 Reasons You Should Consider Working in a Trade

A huge demand exists for people in skilled trades, especially in HVAC and plumbing. There are many misconceptions about these careers. Some think they are low-paying, dirty, and dangerous. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Skilled trades are often some of the most rewarding and lucrative careers available.

There are many reason people turn towards the blue-collar trades for a rewarding career. They allow you to learn through hands-on experience while getting paid and building a stable career path.


One of the many reasons in job security. If you have skills, experience, and training you’ll be in high demand. The high level of technical skill needed for these jobs means there will always be demand and greater job security compared to many other industries.


It is common for students to go to college after graduation. However, the trades is a great option for those not interested in attending school and looking for a different path. After high school, you can apply for a formal vocational program at a trade school in the specific trade that you want. If you work at CW Suter Services, we have an in-house training program(Suter University) where we give you all the tools and training to be successful in the HVAC and plumbing fields. You can start earning money right away with hand-on experience and learning.

After attending college, most are left with massive loads of debt and without a guaranteed job. This is not the case with a trade. Training is usually either relatively affordable or free for a trade depending on the route that you decide to take.


A trade can lead to many opportunities for advancement throughout your career such as a Journeyman or Project Manager. With some training to become a Journeyman, it will pay off in the long run when you will be more confident within your work, receive a pay increase, and take on more of a manager role in the field.


How much you earn in your career can depend on how much training you receive, how much experience you have, and more. The pay for blue-collar jobs in increasing and will continue to increase as the demand increases. If you’re looking for a well-paying career with a great benefits package, the skilled trades are definitely worth considering.


Completing a project that people will not only use, but make their lives better can give tradesman high self-satisfaction. Every day is a new challenge and you will always have work to be completed to keep you busy.  High satisfaction can be due to the high pay and great benefits, as well as personal pride knowing how to fix and build things that’s beneficial to know that most don’t.

Suter University

The CW Suter Services team strives for excellence in all we do. One of the ways we do so is to offer in-house training programs – including Suter University.

Suter U is an apprenticeship training program designed to give our HVAC technicians and plumbers all of the tools and training they need to keep up on the latest technologies in HVAC and plumbing applications. We help train employees on new HVAC and plumbing equipment to help further their education by applying for their journeyman’s license.

Certification by the U.S. Department of Labor

In 2008, the US Department of Labor certified CW Suter Services and Suter U as a registered Apprenticeship Program. This recognition means that Suter U is able to provide even greater career opportunities to students.

Our employees are provided the opportunity to complete the Suter U training program, where they keep up with new techniques and products, and are given many opportunities for advancements in their fields.

Interested in becoming one of our employees? Check out our currently open positions!

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