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How to Prepare Your HVAC Unit for the Fall

Now that it’s officially Fall it’s time to ensure your HVAC unit is ready for this season. Fall is the perfect time to prepare your HVAC system for winter, so you don’t discover your heating system isn’t working after winter has arrived.

5 Tips to Prepare Your Furnace for Winter

Here are some helpful tips to get your heating and air conditioning system ready for winter:

Check Your Registers 

The registers in your home serve a very important role with them being the endpoint of the air duct system and distributing warm air throughout your home. If they have dirt, dust, and other debris inside of them both the air quality and efficiency can be negatively impacted. Cleaning your air ducts is crucial to keep your HVAC system running efficiently and will keep you breathing cleaner air.

Change Your Air Filters

Changing your filters every 3 months is important, because dirty HVAC filters can cause unnecessary problems with your furnace. A dirty filter can also decrease energy efficiency resulting in a higher heating bill. It’s important to change your filter regularly throughout the winter months to keep your heating system working properly. 

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Fall is a great time to install a programmable thermostat due to the fluctuating temperatures during this time. A thermostat will help keep your house at a comfortable temperature, no matter what the weather is outside. You can easily set up your thermostat to save energy while you are away, and have it return to a normal schedule and comfortable temperature when you return. 

We have a variety of different thermostats that would be great for your home. Check them out HERE

Check and Clean the Outdoor Unit

Double check for any debris or damage. Remove all debris around the unit to ensure proper air flow and to prevent dirt or leaves getting on the coils or inside the unit.The performance of your air conditioning unit can suffer if it’s impacted by debris and dirt. 

If you notice that something has been damaged or dented on your unit, contact us immediately to inspect and repair your HVAC system.

Schedule a Maintenance Checkup

Don’t wait till winter arrives to turn on your furnace. You don’t want to discover it isn’t working properly during the coldest time of the year. You can also schedule a maintenance check-up where one of our technicians will inspect and make any adjustments or repairs to ensure your system will work efficiently all winter long. You can learn more about our Comfort Convenience Maintenance Plan and enroll here. There are many benefits to enrolling in the plan such as: annual inspections, labor warranty, discount on parts and labor, and extended life of your equipment. A new furnace may be costly, so having our technicians check it once a year will ensure that it will last for years to come.