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Commercial Plumbing Estimator

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CW Suter Services is looking for a Commercial Plumbing Estimator to join our team. Candidate must be a team player who is self-motivated. Experience in the Commercial Plumbing field is preferred. If you’re looking for a career where you’ll receive competitive benefits, job growth and flexibility this may be the opportunity for you.

Primary Job Function:

This position involves preparation of labor and material estimates, managing documentation and change orders, and communicating with clients and within our organization.


$55,000.00 – $65,000.00 annually

Duties to include:

  • Preparation of complete labor and material estimates
  • Preparation of bid documents, the development of clear written proposals and correspondence
  • Preparation of change orders
  • Data entry
  • Client relations


  • 3+ years’ experience in Plumbing and Piping Estimation
  • Depth of knowledge with a wide variety of plumbing materials and methods of installation
  • Strong organizational and written skills
  • Excellent verbal and communication skills
  • Must be able to work independently as well as part of a team
  • Wen Pipe software experience a plus
  • Computer literate in common MS Word, Excel, and Outlook
  • Must be able to navigate Pro Core and Submittal Exchange
  • Read and understand civil, architectural, structural plans and specs
  • Ability to do basic layout and drawings


  • Relevant: 3 years
  • Commercial Plumbing: 3 years (Required)


High School Diploma or equivalent (Required)

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