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The Nitty Gritty on Dirty Ducts

Professional duct cleaning can improve:

Duct cleaning has many benefits, but if we’re being straightforward (which we always are), the reality is that duct cleaning alone is not a cure all.

is Duct Cleaning Effective?

Yes, if it’s done right. Duct cleaning needs to be done by a professional – someone who understands the mechanical intricacies of a home heating and cooling system; who has the proper equipment and knows how to use it safely. Our HVAC professionals go through rigorous training to ensure that they are qualified to perform a professional duct cleaning, taking measures to protect homeowners’ property and air quality before, during, and after the duct cleaning process. In addition to using our massive vacuum and powerful compressors to suck the dust and debris from your ductwork, we spend a little extra time sanitizing your heating and cooling components (think: AC cooling coils, system fans, heat exchangers, etc) to give you a deep clean that will last.

Maximizing the benefits of duct cleaning

Indoor Air Quality is a big topic, and every tool in our bag works together to give you healthier air. In addition to duct cleaning, your home may benefit from installing an air purification system, a whole-house humidifier, or adjusting simply adjusting your humidifier. While you’re at it, consider looking at whether or not you can break some of these energy-wasting habits in your home and make an even bigger impact on your utility bill.

Duct Cleaning / Indoor Air Quality Facts:

FACT: 1 in 6 people who suffer from allergies do so because of their direct relationship to bacteria and fungi in air duct systems. (Better Health Magazine)
FACT: Indoor air is up to 70X more polluted than outdoor air. (US Environmental Protection Agency)
FACT: People spend 60% to 90% of their time indoors. (American Lung Association)
FACT: Dust, Pollen, and animal dander are major triggers for asthma attacks. (American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology)
FACT: The elderly and young children are more likely to be affected by polluted indoor air. (UCLA Institute of Environment & Sustainability)
FACT: 50% of all illnesses are either caused or aggravated by polluted indoor air. (American College of Allergists)

7 Reasons to Have Your Ducts Cleaned:

When should you get your ducts cleaned? We’re glad you asked. There are a million reasons to get them cleaned, but you don’t have time for that! Here’s the short list:

  1. You or some of your family members suffer from asthma, allergies, or other respiratory issues.
    1. Cleaning your ducts gets ride of dander, dust, and micro-organisms that can exacerbate symptoms are cause attacks.
    2. System sanitation helps slow down the accumulation of dust and debris for months after.
  2. You’re looking for ways to lower your energy bills and improve efficiency.
    1. Ducts account for about 20% of energy usage.
    2. Leaks, poor insulation, disconnected segments, and excessive dirt or blockages cause air flow problems. These problems lead to higher energy use and higher bills. Duct cleaning will optimize duct function.
  3. You want to create a healthier living environment for your family.
    1. Your family spends a majority of their time indoors. Why spend it breathing in unhealthy air?
  4. You’ve recently had remodeling or construction work done in your home.
    1. Anyone who’s done it knows that a home renovation creates lots of dust.
    2. Construction work leaves behind a lot of debris in your duct work.
  5. You have pets – the furry kind.
    1. Pet dander is a real problem for those with allergies.
    2. Those little furry friends tend to track dirt into your home. That dirt will weasel its way into your ducts.
  6. Children or elderly people live in your home.
    1. Polluted indoor air affects these groups of people more.
  7. You just moved into your new home.
    1. First, Congratulations! A new home is a big deal!
    2. But you don’t really know what the last owners had going on in your house. From smoking to pets, we’re equipped to handle the air quality sins of your home’s past so that (as one customer put it) you can move into your future with the certainty that you’re not breathing someone else’s ick.

We get it: professional services often seem too expensive for what you’re getting. They’re just vacuuming out the ducts, right? Wrong. In fact, if you’re not ready to hire a pro, it’s safer (for your health and your property) to just skip the duct cleaning altogether.

Do it yourself jobs are great for a lot of home improvement/cleaning scenarios, but duct cleaning is not one of them. Odds are that you don’t own the right high-powered vacuum and rotary tools needed to effectively clean the ducts. It’s best to leave duct cleaning to the professionals. Bonus: if you have kids, they LOVE watching the duct truck in action!