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Which costs more, heating or cooling?

Heating or cooling your home can take large amounts of energy, way more than any other appliance in your home. In fact according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), in the Midwest heating can account for almost two-thirds of your annual energy bills. Living in Sioux City, you will most likely consume more energy heating your home than cooling it.

Energy Consumption

On average, heating a home in the United States with natural gas produces around 6,400 pounds of carbon dioxide. If you have an electric system carbon dioxide emissions average approximately 4,700 pounds. The colder the state the higher these numbers can get as they are pushed to their limit. In a much hotter state, such as Arizona, air conditioners become the bigger energy users. A normal centrally air conditioned home in Arizona, for example, produces almost 6,600 pounds of carbon dioxide.

How to cut energy costs

One way to reduce energy costs is by adjusting your thermostat. If you have a central air conditioning system you can save 120 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions for every degree above 72 degrees Fahrenheit. A smart thermostat allows you to have smart savings. This allows you to completely control your system from a mobile app on your phone. You can automatically set it to stay within a reasonable range for maximum comfort when you’re home, and when you’re away.

One way to significantly cut energy costs is by upgrading your HVAC system to one that is at or above 96% energy efficient. Normally, the older systems in your home are around 70% energy efficient. The modern equipment that we have today allows us to save energy while also cutting costs. By upgrading your HVAC equipment, you save energy costs and reduce the carbon dioxide emissions. It’s very important to have a properly sized unit for your home as well. If your system is too big it will constantly cycle on and off which reduces the efficiency of the system. If it’s too small it wont be able to meet the demands of a humid, hot day. Our residential HVAC experts are equipped with the knowledge and modern technology to properly size your home with the correct equipment and allow for complete comfort all year around.

Importance of maintaining your system

HVAC maintenance should be a part of your spring cleaning checklist before the summer heat arrives. Scheduling your annual spring tune up will prevent unwanted costs and future problems later down the road.

The most important thing you can do for your system during the summer months is change your filter on a regular basis. Every 2-3 months is what we recommend for most homeowners. If you want a simple, hassle free way to change your filter on a schedule you can shop and order filters directly from our website here. They come at a great value plus you’ll receive free shipping. Changing your filters frequently reduces the wear on your system which helps to prevent costly repairs, lowers your energy bills so your equipment doesn’t have to work as hard, and helps you breathe easier as the filter will be cleaner.

Contact the HVAC experts

If you’re interested in learning more about our filter program, wanting to schedule a spring AC tune-up, or wanting a quote for a new energy efficient system give us a call today at 712-252-3007 or fill out this form online. We look forward to serving you, Siouxland!