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We take pride in our efforts to give back to the community and look forward to how we can help the community prosper. Throughout the years we have done many different sponsorships and donations to support Siouxland. One recent donation was our sponsorship of a St.Luke’s Pediatric Room. At UnityPoint Health they are redoing the entire pediatric floor, including all of the rooms. Each room is sponsored by a different business and they get to decide on the theme and decorations for each space.

The Children’s Miracle Network’s main goal is to increase funds and awareness for their hospitals to provide the best care for the many kids that enter the hospital each year. Since 1983, they have raised more than $7 billion through all of their campaigns. To learn more about this organization or to donate, visit their website here.

The Design Process

This was a year-long process of creating and designing an environment that was comfortable and fun for children of all ages. Our team worked with the Children’s Miracle Network team to design this room. We had meetings to discuss the theme, colors, updates, decorations, and finishing touches. Our team decided on a space theme because it would be great for both girls and boys of all ages. We then worked with the team to find wall art both acrovyn and stickers to finalize the decorations. We decided to add the space height measure chart and interactive board to provide the kids with some entertainment and fun.


The Ribbon Cutting

Almost 1 year later, we had a ribbon cutting to share our sponsored pediatric room with Siouxland. Both the Sioux City Chamber of Commerce and the South Sioux City Chamber of Commerce were there to celebrate with us. Creating a fun environment for the St.Luke’s pediatric room was a blast. We had so much fun with this, and we hope it’s a space the kids will enjoy for years to come!