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Our New Logo

 Over the last few months, our Leadership Team has been working on reimagining our logo. We’ve spent time researching and brainstorming, poring over samples from our graphic designer, gathering feedback, and finding the best ways to integrate it into our everyday workings. 

We are happy to officially unveil our new logo. This update reflects our company’s values and aspirations. It is symbolic of where we want to go, while paying homage to where we’ve been. It serves to remind us of who we are and who we strive to be, as a company.

 The Shape 

The segmented triangle represents the idea, “Always be better.” The individual segments represent the individuality of our team’s members. The arrow-like ends of the segments indicate continual, cyclical movement, and each segment points into the next, creating one cohesive shape: the triangle. The triangle points up, a reminder that together, we can enjoy continued growth. 

Our commitment to “always be better” has never been stronger. We recognize that our (past and continued) success has everything to do with the work our people put into living this idea every day. Continued improvement is a cyclical process: it consists of continued evaluation, identification, and adaptation. Evaluate how things are being done. Identify opportunities for betterment. Tweak the process and adapt to a new way of doing things. 

 The Colors 

 Red and blue remain a part of our brand’s color scheme. For our updated logo, we selected a deeper, more vibrant color palette in order to convey a more modern feel, appropriate to our foundation in STEM and the continual advancement of our technology-driven industry. Symbolic of “hot” and “cold” – or “heating” and “cooling” – each also carry connotations of our approach to customer service. Red, often used for urgency or to indicate great importance, conveys our goal to treat each customer as the most important customer. Every issue, question, or service requested, whether an emergency or not, should be treated with the same urgency we’d show our own families. Blue is assuring, trustworthy, loyal: when our customers need us – to answer a question, provide service, or even save the day – they can count on us. The intensity of the new colors mirror our intense commitment to our values and the intensity of our deeply felt patriotism. Our love of country inspires us to continuously develop new ideas and learn new technologies, with the goals of helping our community grow and thrive. 

The addition of green to our logo is symbolic of our obligation to our planet and our sustainability goals. We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to act as stewards of the earth, and that doing so favors our business. We are committed to operational efficiency – from the product lines we offer and our methods for recycling materials to the way we manage our office supplies, scheduling, and fleet. We even moved our website to a “green” hosting company in pursuit of operational sustainability. As we continue to grow as an HVAC company, we persist in identifying opportunities to create a more efficient, more sustainable future – for our employees, our company, and our community. 

Our new logo is meant to reflect who we are: 

We strive to provide excellence and professionalism in all aspects of our business. 

We value community, innovation, efficiency, integrity, and a willingness to adapt. 

We promise to provide a quality product and an exceptional experience to each of our customers, while empowering our employees to reach their personal, economic, and professional goals. 

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