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HVAC Controls Programmer

CW Suter Services is looking for an HVAC Controls Programmer to join our team. This is a full time position with full benefits package. If you’re looking for a career where you’ll receive training, competitive benefits, job growth and flexibility this may be the opportunity for you.

General Purpose of this Position:

Responsible for performing a wide range of temperature control activities for commercial and industrial customers. Customer based activities require an individual possessing traits of decisiveness, initiative, tact, judgment, integrity, dependability, and the ability to communicate in a technically credible manner. Daily job stress will run from minimal to extreme, based on varying factors of weather, site considerations, time constraints, sales potential, travel requirements, and customer needs.

Summary of Responsibilities & Skills:

  • Serving as a member of temperature control team displaying timely, efficient and profitable accomplishment of assigned jobs and tasks.
  • Performing special or complicated service activities without assistance, including performing periodic on-call duties, as required.
  • Conducting point of work of IAQ services, unit components, controller replacements, add-ons, service contracts, and developing lead referrals for the sales staff.
  • Performing related duties as directed by the temperature control manager.
  • Ordering all job materials and coordinating with the parts department for the timely delivery of same.
  • Program jobs in accordance with engineered specifications. When programming a job that is not engineered ensure the job is programmed to meet the expectations of the owner and the salesman.
  • Properly document jobs to include sequence of operations, input/output sheets, drawings and a back up.
  • Perform comprehensive commissioning (point to point) of the jobs to minimize call backs.
  • Monitor product lines to ensure we are using the most efficient device for the job.
  • Strive towards integration with the following: Tridium, Honeywell, KMC, Siemens, Door Access, and Lighting Control

Job Qualifications:

  • Good oral and reading skills, including the ability to read and apply manufacturers’ installation instructions and to clearly communicate with commercial customers, suppliers, and other employees.
  • Interest and initiative in maintaining his/her temperature control skills through a combination of self study, corporate training, workshops, and other development activities.
  • Interest and initiative in being trained on point of sales techniques including developing sales leads, sales of units, service contracts, etc.
  • Current driver’s license.
  • Ability to work efficiently given time pressures, non-standard schedule, extreme weather conditions, varying customer needs and demands, and back-log constraints.
  • Experience, knowledge, and proven skills in accurately diagnosing and efficiently accomplishing a job to the mutual benefit of the customer and the organization.


$30 – $35 hourly, DOE

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