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Commercial HVAC Services

Helping businesses run efficiently, profitably, successfully

We’re experts in helping businesses run efficiently – and profitably. We offer a wide range of commercial HVAC services to a wide range of customers in every industry. We provide service and expertise in everything from pre-construction and fabrication to on-site construction and installation to maintenance contracts.

Don’t see what you need? Ask! Odds are, it’s something we can help with. We’ve been working in this space for decades, so if we aren’t a good fit for you, we probably know someone else who is!

If you’re committed to running your business with pride, purpose, and efficiency, then we have something in common. Those qualities have guided CW Suter Services for the last century. Operating from Sioux City, IA, we’ve grown to become the largest commercial HVAC, plumbing, maintenance, and construction services provider in 32 counties over the tri-state area. We have over 100 employed dedicated to providing you beyond-excellence level service every day, on every job, from HVAC installation to our commercial maintenance services. 

Services we offer

Our focus as a subcontractor in the construction industry is to assist in the completion of each project, while working side-by-side with the general contractor to meet and exceed their expectations. Our clients continually request our expertise for their commercial, industrial, and residential projects; their confidence in our knowledge, skill, and master craftsmanship is something we’re proud to have earned. We’re devoted to maintaining our reputation for responsible, fair and honest business dealings.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

for Commercial customers at every scale

No one understands your business and what it needs to keep running in the long term better than you. We don’t need to tell you that keeping your HVAC system in prime condition, running efficiently thanks to excellent, regular maintenance can save you thousands in emergency repair costs. When it comes to ensuring your facilities run smoothly and let you focus on what’s most important to your business, no one offers a commercial systems maintenance plan like ours. Our HVAC services are organized in one company, ensuring that the process is coordinated and smooth every step of the way. 

Rooftop units for an apartment complex owned by a commercial builder

Our technicians are highly-skilled, continuously trained professionals with knowledge in a wide range of commercial systems. From boiler and furnace to air conditioning, automation and controls to air quality, each of our highly skilled technicians strive not only for excellent workmanship but also unbelievable customer service. There’s no problem they don’t have the knowledge and skills to solve. Our technicians perform maintenance services for organizations in the following industries: education, government, health care, office, retail, food services, industrial, and warehouse.

Custom Built Maintenance Contracts for commercial and industrial spaces

We offer customized maintenance plans because no two businesses have exactly the same needs. All of our plans include regularly scheduled maintenance, so that no matter who you are or what you do, expensive and untimely breakdowns are never a worry. 

Before you agree to anything, our professional technicians will break down every step of your maintenance plan, including how long each maintenance visit should take and what you can do to ensure your HVAC system runs efficiently between visits. By the time we’ve hammered out a plan, you’ll have all the information you need to save yourself time and money. 

We offer maintenance plans for a variety of commercial and industrial HVAC systems, at any scale, and you can specify if you want a wholistic approach to service, or if you’d rather we focus on one component. 

Protecting Your Investment

There’s really just one reason to get a maintenance plan with us — money. HVAC systems that are well maintained and run at peak efficiency cost less to operate and have a significantly longer lifespan. Our technicians know the ins and outs of every system under the sun, but by performing regular maintenance on your system they’ll learn all the nuances of your system and will be able to catch problems before they occur. No more expensive repairs, no more early system replacement. With our regular maintenance plan, you’ll be sailing smoothly – profitably.

You can contact us online or call 712-252-3007 to speak with one of our pros today. If you want more money, happier employees, and total peace of mind, a maintenance plan with CW Suter Services is the way to go.